Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
The other fcholar who did molt to fpread the knowledge of Brandt's 
work, was Jodocus Badius, who atfumed the additional name of Afcenfius 
becaufe he was born at Affen, near Bruffels, in 14.62. He was a very chitin- 
guilhed fcholar, but is be-it known for having eftabliihed a celebrated 
printing eftabliihment in Paris, where he died in I 535. I have already 
Ptated that Badius edited the Latin tranilation of the " Ship of Fools " of 
Sebaftian Brandt, with additional explanations of his own, but he was one 
of the firlt of Brandt's imitators. He feems to have thought that Brandt's 
book was not complete-that the weaker fex had not received its fair {hare 
of importance; and apparently in I498, while Geiler was turning the 
" Stultifera N avis " into fermons, Badius compiled a fort of fupplement to 
it (additamentum), to which he gave the title of " Stultiferae naviculae, feu 
Scaphae, Fatuarum Mulierum," the Boats of Foolifh Women. As far as 
can be traced, the firit edition appears to have been printed in I502. The 
Iirit cut reprefents the {hip carrying Eve alone of the female race, whofe 
folly involved the whole world. The book is divided into five chapters, 
according to the number of the five fenfes, each fenfe repretented by a 
boat carrying its particular clafs of foolith women to the great ihip of 
foolifh women, which lies off at anchor. The text coniiits of a di1Tertation 
on the ufe and abufe of the particular fenfe which forms the fubiiance of 
the chapter, and it ends with Latin verfes, which are given as the boat- 
maifs celeujizza, or boat foug. The tirft of thefe boats is  
vjfiorzis adjultjfbranz IZIZUCIIZ perveniens-tlie boat of fooliih feeing proceed- 
ing to the {hip of fools. A party of gay ladies are taking potieflion of the 
boat, carrying with them their combs, looking-glalies, and all other 
implements necetfary for making them fair to be looked upon. The 
fecond boat is the fcaplm auclilionisfaluw, the boat of foolifh hearing, in 
which the ladies are playing upon rnuiical inftruments. The third is the 
fmpha olfaciionisjiultoe, the boat of fooliih fmell, and the pictorial illuItra- 
tion to it is partly copied in our cut No. 136. In the original fome of the 
ladies are gathering fweet-fmelling flowers before they enter the boat, 
while on board a pedlar is vending his perfume. Oiiejbllejizmme, with 
her fool's cap on her head, is buying a pomander, or, as We ihould perhaps 
now fay, a {cent-ball, from the itinerant dealer. Figures offpomanders


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