Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
penfities. Thefe cuts will give a tolerable notion of the general ehara-Eter 
of the whole, which amount in number to a hundred and twelve, and 
therefore prefent a great variety of fubjects relative to almoit every clais 
and profeliion of life. 
We may remark, however, that after Folly had thus run through all 
the {tages of fociety, until it had reached the lowett of all, the ranks of 
mendicit , the ods themfelves became alarmed, the more fo as this reat 
Y 8 g 
movement was diretited efpecially againit Minerva, the goddefs of wifdom, 
and they held a conclave to provide againtt it. The refult is not told, 
but the courfe of Folly goes on as vigoroufly as ever. Ignorant fools 
who fet up for phyficians, fools who cannot underfiand jokes, unwife 
mathematicians, afcrologers, of the latter of which the moraliier fays, in his 
Latin verfe- 
Sigua 'vole.tforti: jvmnafczre damnafizrurd,  
Et -uirare maIum,f0l tibijigna debit. 
Sed  mi rur nan dedit ille furori: 
Signa .7 aut,_]i dederit, cur lama malafubis .7 
Zvondum gmmmatine callis frimardia, er nude: 
Vim ca-rli radiofzppzgfzliji: mo. 
The next cut is a very curious one, and appears to reprefent a di1Te6ting- 
houte of this early period. Among other chapters which afford interefting 
pictures of that time, and indeed of all times, we may intlance thofe of 
litigious fools, who are always going to law, and who confound blind 
juitice, or rather try to unbind her eyes ; of filthy-tongued fools, who 
glorify the race of fwine ; of ignorant fcholars ; of gamblers 5 of bad and 
thieviih cooks; of low men who feek to be high, and of high who are 
defpifers of poverty ; of men who forget that they will die ; of irreligious 
men and blafpherners ; of the ridiculous indulgence of parents to children, 
and the ungrateful return which was made to them for it ; and of women's 
pride. Another title defcribes the ruin of Chriftianitya the pope, 
emperor, king, cardinals, 810., are receiving willingly from a Iuppliant fool 
the Cap of Folly, while two other fools are looking derifively upon them 
from an adjoining wall. It need hardly be laid that this was publilhed 
on the eve of the Reformation. 
In the midit of the popularity which greeted the appearance of the 


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