Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

zf Caricature 
fervice by the creaking of their {hoes and clogs, the noife made by their 
birds, the barking and quarrelling of their dogs, by their own whifperings, 
and efpecially with immodeft women, whom they met in church as in a 
convenient place of aiiignation. All thefe forms of the offence are 
exprefled in the piiture. Our fecond example cut N0. I 3 5, which forms 
N0. I35- 
Mcndicants on their Travels. 
the fifty-ninth title or fubject in the " Ship of Fools," reprefents a party 
of the beggars with which, either lay or ecclehaftical, the country was 
then overrun. In the explanation, thefe wicked beggars are defcribed as 
indulging in idlenefs, in eating, drinking, rioting, and ileep, while they 
levy contributions on the charitable feelings of the honeft and induftrious, 
and, under cover of begging, commit robbery wherever they find the 
opportunity. The beggar, who appears to be only a deceptive cripple, 
leads his donkey laden With children, whom he is bringing up in the fame 
profellion, while his wife lingers behind to indulge in her bibulous pro- 


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