Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hgylory of Caricature 
them, and the faded flower, which is ready to drop from their heated 
hands, is intended to be charaeteriftic of their own fenfations." One 
group, a lady Whofe excefs has been carried too far, and her fervant who 
comes to her afiiftance, is reprefented in our cut No. 1. Sir Gardner 
obferves that "many fimilar inltances of a talent for caricature are 
obfervable in the competitions of the Egyptian artifts, who executed the 
paintings of the tombs" at Thebes, which belong to a very early period 
of the Egyptian annals. Nor is the application of this talent reftricted 
always to fecular fubjeets, but we fee it at times intruding into the molt 
facred rnyfteries of their religion. I give as a curious example, taken from 
one of Sir Gardner Wilkinf0n's engravings, a fcene in the reprefentation 
of a funeral proceflion crofling the Lake of the Dead (No. 2), that 
appears in one of thefe earlx paintings at Thebes, in which " the love of 
caricature common to the Egyptians is fhown to have been indulged 
even in this ferious fubjeet; and the retrograde movement of the large 
boat, which has grounded and is puthed oH' the bank, ilriking the frnaller 
one with its rudder, has overturned a large table loaded with cakes and 
other things, upon the rowers feated below, in fpite of all the efforts of 
the prowman, and the earneft vociferations of the alarmed Iieerfman." 
The accident which thus overthrows and fcatters the proviflons intended 
for the funeral feaft, and the confufion attendant upon it, form a ludicrous 


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