Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literzzz'ure and Art. 
iimpler unadorned pietures. Thus the foolifh valuers of things are repre- 
fented by a fool holding a balance, one fc-ale of which contains the fun, 
moon, and Ptars, to reprefent heaven and heavenly things, and the other a 
caftle and fields, to reprefent earthly things, the latter fcale overweighing 
the other ; and the procrafcinator is pielured by another fool, with a parrot 
perched on his head, and a magpie on each hand, all repeating eras, eras, 
ems (to-morrow). Our cut No. 134 reprefents a group of difturbers of 
Difiurbers qf'Clurrl1 Srwuice 
church fervice. It was a common praeiice in former days to take to 
church hawks ( which were confcantly carried about as the outward enfign 
of the gentleman) and dogs. The fool has here thrown back his fool's-cap 
to exhibit more fully the fafhionable " gent" of the day; he carries his 
hawk on his hand, and wears not only a fafhionable pair of fhoes, but very 
fafhionable clogs alib. Thefe gentlemen d la mode, turgentes genera ct 
naialibus altis, we are told, were the perfons who diihirbed the church 


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