Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
2 1 6 Hiflory 
and Grotqfque 
fented by the nobleman and the two deaths, is copied in our cut No. 132, 
and will ferve as an example of the ftyle and grouping of this remarkable 
painting. After a few other figures, perhaps lefs Itriking, we come to 
the merchant, who receives the advances of his partner with a thoughtful 
air; while immediately after him another death is trying to make him- 
felf more acceptable to the balhful nun by throwing a cloak over his 
nakednefs. In another place two deaths armed with bows and arrows are 
Tm ix 
wgwy A 
Na. 131. T112 Kniglzr in H1: Dante qfnmm. 
(battering their {hafts rather dangeroufly. Soon follow fome of the more 
gay and youthful members of fociety. Our cut No. I33 reprefents the 
mufician, who appears alfo to attract the attentions of two of the perfe- 
cutors._ In his difmay he is treading under foot his own viol. The 
dance clofes with the lower orders of fociety, and is concluded by a group 
which is not fo eafily underttood. Before the end of the fifteenth century, 
there had appeared in Paris feveral editions of a feries of bold engravings 


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