Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
name of the individual who that year held the ofiice of archbiihop, 
NICOLAVS  GAVDRAM  ARCHIEPVS  1520, furrounding a group confiliing 
of two men, one of whom IS dreffed as a fool, holding between them a 
bird, which has fomewhat the appearance of a magpie. Our cut 
No. 130 is {till more curious ; it is a token of the pope of fools. On one 
 F, O Q1513: 
5 59{:w'  
iirwavg  Qkvk 
N2. I30. Money afrb; Pope qf Fools. 
fide appears the pope with his tiara and double crofis, and a fool in full 
coftume, who approaches his bauble to the pontifical crofs. It is certainly 
a bitter caricature on the papacy, whether that were the intention or not. 
Two perfons behind, drefled apparently in fcholattic coftume, feem 
to be merely fpeftators. The infcription is, MONETA ' NOVA'ADRIANI  
STVLTORV [M]  PAPE (the lafc E being in the field of the piece), "new money 
of Adrian, the pope of fools." The infcription on the other tide of the 
token is one frequently repeated on thefe leaden medals, srvrrronv [M]  
mrmrrvs  EST ' NVMERVS, "the number of fools is infinite." In the 
field we fee Mother Folly holding up her bauble, and before her a 
grotefque figure in a cardinal's hat, apparently kneeling to her. It is 
rather furprifing that We End fo few allufions to thefe burlefque focieties 
in the various claffes of pictorial records from which the fubjefft of thefe 
 chapters has been illullrated; but we have evidence that they were not 
altogether overlooked. Until the latter end of the laft century, the 
mifereres of the church of St. Spire, at Corbeil, near Paris, were 
remarkable for the fingular carvings with which they were decorated, and 
which have fmce been dettroyed, but fortunately they were engraved by


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