Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Lizard Point. The flrit has bells hanging to the ileeves, and is no doubt 
intended to reprefent folly in fome form 3 the other appears to be intended 
for the head of a woman making griniacesf 
The fool had long been a charaniter among the people before he became 
a court fool, for Folly-or, as the was then called, " Mother Folly "--was 
one of the favourite objefts of popular worlhip in the middle ages, and, 
where that worfhip fprang up fpontaneoufly among the people, it grew with 
more energy, and prefented more hearty joyoufnefe and bolder fatire than 
under the patronage of the great. Our forefathers in tliofe times were 
accuftomed to form themfelves into atfociations or focieties of a mirthful 
character, parodies of thofe of a more ferious defcription, efpecially eccle- 
fiafiical, and elected as their ofliccrs mock popes, cardinals, archbifhops and 
bifhops, kings, 8:0. They held periodical feftivals, riotous and licentious 
carnivals, which were admitted into the churches, and even taken under 
the efpecial patronage of the clergy, under fuch titles as "the feait of 
fools," " the feaft of the afs," " the feaft of the innocents," and the like. 
There was hardly a Continental town of any account which had not its 
" company of fools," with its mock ordinances and mock ceremonies. In 
our own ifland we had our abbots of mifrule and of unreafon. At their 
public feiiivals fatirical fangs were fung and fatirical mafks and dreffes 
were worn; and in many of them, efpecially at a later date, brief farirical 
dramas were aited. Thefe fatircs afihmcd much of the funcftions of 
modern caricature; the caricature of the pictorial rcprefentations, which 
were inoftly permanent monuments and deitined for future generations, 
was naturally general in its character, but in the reprefentations of which 
I am fpeaking, which were temporary, and deflgnecl to excite the mirth 
of the moment, it became perfonal, and, often, even political, and it was 
conftantly directed againit the eccleiiaftical order. The fcandal of the 
day furnifhed it with abundant materials. A fragment of one of their 
" For the drawings of these interesting carvings from the Cornish churches, I 
am indebted to the kindness of Mr.  T. Blight, the author of an extremely 
pleasing and useful guide to the beauties of a well-known district of Cornwall, 
entitled "A VVeek at the Land's End." 


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