Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Gronfque 
of Caricature 
coiturne in the illuminations or manufcripts, and towards the end of the 
century this coflume appears continually in engravings. It is alfo met 
with at this time among the fculptures of buildings and the carvings of 
wood-work. The two very intereiling examples given in our cut No. 127 
are taken from carvings of the fifteenth century, in the church of 
St. Levan, in Cornwall: near the Land's End. They reprefent the court 
fool in two varieties of cofiume; in the firil, the fool's cowl, or cap, ends 
in the c0ck's head; in the other, it is titted with a[Tes' ears. There are 
variations alfo in other parts of the dreih; for the Iecond only has bells 
to his fleeves, and the firii carries a fingularly formed ftaff, which may 
perhaps be intended for a Ilrap or belt, with a buckle at the end; while 
the other has a ladle in his hand. As one p_oH'eH'es a beard, and prefentg 
marks of age in his countenance, while the other is beardlefs and youthful, 
we may coufider the pair as an old fool and a young fool. 
The Cornifh churches are rather celebrated for their early carved 
wood-work, chiefly of the fifteenth century, of which two examples are 
given in our cut, N0. I28, taken from bench pannels in the church 
of St. Mullion, on the Cornifh coalt, a little to the north of the 


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