Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
in clerifmn of the monks, but it was difcinguiihed by the addition of a 
pair of aH'es' ears, or by a cook's head and comb, which formed its termi- 
nation above, or by both. The court fool was alfo furnifhed with a Raff 
or club, which became eventually his bauble. The bells were another 
neceffary article in the equipment of a court fool, perhaps alfo intended 
as a fatire on the cuftom of Wearing fmall bells in the drefs, which pre- 
vailed largely during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, efpecially 
among people who were fond of childifh oilentation. The fool wore alfo 
a party-coloured, or motley, garment, probably with the fame aim_that 
of fatirifing one of the ridiculous fafhions of the fourteenth century. 
It is in the fifteenth century that we firit meet with the fool in full 


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