Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
fculpture and carving. Our cut No. 127, reprefenting a mermaid and a 
merman, is copied from one of the Halls of Winchefler Cathedral. The 
ufual attributes of the mermaid are a looking-glafs and comb, by the aid 
of which {he is drefiing her hair; but here {he holds the comb alone. 
Her companion, the male, holds a iiih, which he appears to have juii 
caught, in his hand. 
While, after the fifteenth century the profellion of the minftrel 
became entirely degraded, and he was looked upon more than ever as a 
rogue and vagabond, the fiddle accompanied him, and it long remained, 
as it {till remains in Ireland, the favourite initrument of the peafantry. 
The blind fiddler, even at the prefent day, is not unknown in our rural 
diflricts. It has always been in England the favourite inftrument of 


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