Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

zy" Caricature 
In our cut No. 126 we come to the fiddle again, which long fultained 
its place in the highelt rank of mufical inttruments. It is taken from one 
of the fculptures on the porch of the principal entrance to the Cathedral 
of Lyons in France, and reprefents a mermaid with her child, liitening to 
the muflc of the fiddle. She wears a crown, and is intended, no doubt, 
Royal Minfrelfy. 
to be one of the queens of the fea, and the introduetion of the fiddle 
under fuch circumfrances can leave no doubt how highly it was efieemed. 
The mermaid is a creature of the imagination, which appears to have 
been at all times a favourite obje6t of poetry and legend. It holds an 
important place in the mediaeval beftiaries, or popular treatifes on natural 
hiltory, and it has only been expelled from the domains of fcience at a 
comparatively recent date. It {till retains its place in popular legends of 
our fea-coaits, and more efpecially in the remoter parts of our iflands. 
The ftories of the merrow, or Irilh fairy, hold a prominent place among 
my late friend Crofton Croker's " Fairy Legends of the South of 
Ireland." The mermaid is alfo introduced not unfrequently in mediaeval 


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