Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
to be accompanied by a juvenile of the fame fpecies of animal. One of 
the fame Ptalls, copied in our cut No. I22, reprefents a fow performing 
on another fort of mufical inllrument, which is not at all uncommon in 
mediaeval delineations. It is the double pipe or flute, which was evidently 
borrowed from the ancients. 'MinItre1fy was the ufual accompaniment 
of the mediaeval meal, and perhaps this pititure is intended to be a 
burlefque on that circumftance, as the mother is playing to her brood 
While they are feeding. They all feem to liiten quietly, except one, who 
is evidently much more affected by the mufic than his companions. The 
tame inftrument is placed in the hands of a rather jolly-looking female in 
one of the fculptures of St. John's Church in Cirencefter, copied in our 
cut No. 123. 
Although this inftrument is rather frequently reprefented in mediaeval 
works of art, we have no account of or allulion to it in mediaeval writers ; 
and perhaps it was not held in very high efiimation, and was ufed only 
by a low clafs of performers. As in many other things, the employment 
of particular mufical inftruments was guided, no doubt, by fafhion, new 
ones coming in as old ones went out. Such was the cafe with the 


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