Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
And elfewhere he intimates that What the minitrels fometiines gained 
from the lavifh generality of their hearers, foon pa{Ted away at the tavern 
in dice and drinking. 
One of Rutebeuf s contemporaries in the fame profeflion, Colin Mufet, 
indulges in {imilar complaints, and fpeaks bitterly of the want of generofity 
difplayed by the great barons of his time. In addreiiing one of them 
who had treated him ungeneroufly, he fays, " Sir Count, I have fiddled 
before you in your hoftel, and you neither gave me a gift, nor paid 
me my wages. It is difcreditable behaviour. By the duty I owe to 
St. Mary, I cannot continue in your fervice at this rate. My purfe is ill 
furnifhed, and my wallet is empty." 
Sire quens, j'ai -viz]? 
Dewzant -was en wajlre Lyle! ; 
Si ne m'a'vez rims danrzi, 
Ne mes gage: arquirez, 
C';ji -ui1am'z_ 
Fai Que doi faint: Marie, 
Erffi rze -vosjfeurri-je mix, 
M'aumoJ?1iEre M ma] gnmie, 
E! ma male malfllffie. 
He proceeds to Itate that when he went home to his wife (for Colin 
Mufet alfo was a married minflrel), he was ill received if his purfe 
and wallet were empty ; but it was very different when they were full. His 
Wife then fprang forward and threw her arms round his neck; {he took 
his wallet from his horfe with alacrity, while his lad conducied the 
animal cheerfully to the liable, and his maiden killed a couple of capons, 
and prepared them with piquant fauce. His daughter brought a comb for 
his hair. " Then," he exclaims, " I am matier in my own houfe." 
Mafame 'va dejirwr 
Mn malefnn: demorer ; 
M071 garfon 'va abwvrer 
Mm cbe-val et zonreer; 
Ma pucele -va ruer 
Deux clmpon: par deporm 
A lafzufe aillie. 
Maflle m'apurte un pignz 
En fa main par cortofjie. 
Lars fui de man affeljire. 


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