Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
The Gafcon is reprefented with more peaceful attributes. Gafcony 
was the country of vineyards, from whence we drew our great fupply of 
wines, a very important article of confumption in the middle ages. 
When the 0H'lCl3l clerk who wrote this 
 . manufcript came to documents relating to 
   Gafcony, his thoughts wandered naturally 
(   ' ' enough to its rich vineyards and the wine 
i?i;4'Qi they fupplied fo plentifully, and to which, 
Ky  according to old reports, clerks feldom 
  ihowed any diflike, and accordingly, in 
   the iketch, which we copy III our cut 
 K  I71, No. 116, we have a Gafcon occupied 
In t  diligently in pruning his vine-tree. He, 
I  (X Q7 at leafi, wears two fhoes, though his 
  ' clothing is of the lighteii defcription. 
Na. "6. A Gafm at M: VIM He IS perhaps the vmztor of the mediaeval 
documents on this fubject, a ferf attached 
to the vineyard. Our fecond iketch, cut N0. 117, prefents a more 
enlarged fcene, and introduces us to the whole proceii; of making wine. 
Firfl we fee a man better clothed, with {hoes (or boots) of much fuperior 
make, and a hat on his head, carrying away the grapes from the vineyard 
to the place where another man, with no clothing at all, is treading out 
the juice in a large vat. This is {till in fome of the wine countries 


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