Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Grotcfque 
of Caricature 
good and high-flavoured wine, while nothing but inferior Huff was 
ufually given to the convent; "But," he fays, "it is better to 
go drink good wine at the tavern, where the wines are of the beii 
quality, and money is the butler." 
B07110?! winum rum fapare 
Bibit abbas cum priore ; 
Sad can-vemu: dz pejore 
femperfalet bibere. 
Banum 'vinum in taberna, 
Ubi vinafunt valarna (for Falerna), 
Ulzi nummu: gfi pincerna, 
[bi prod.-f lzibere. 
Partly out of the earneft, though playful, fatire defcribed in this chapter, 
arofe political fatire, and at a later period political caricature. I have 
before remarked that the period we call the middle ages was not that of 
political or perfonal caricature, becaufe it wanted that means of circulating 
 _ Gimp  
 km  J?  .412  
 ,0  .41 M    
 mi 6 don   , ,3  
 Nv. IIL Car11:a;1;e upon rbe jg-zux at Nor-wiclz.  
quickly and largely which is neceilhry for it. Yet, no doubt, men who 
could draw, did, in the middle ages, fometimes amufe themfelves in 
iketching caricatures, which, in general, have perifhed, becaufe nobody 
cared to preferve them; but the fad of the exilience of fuch Works is 


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