Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
The whole contents of this manufcript were printed in 1847, in an oritavo 
volume, iflued by the Literary Society at Stuttgardfe I had already 
printed fome examples of fuch amatory Latin lyric poetry in I838, in a 
volume of "Early Myfieries and Latin Poems;"'i" but this poetry does 
not belong properly to the fubjeet of the prefent volume, and I pafs on 
from it. 
The goliards did not always write in verfe, for we have fome of their 
profe cornpolitions, and thefe appear efpecially in the form of parodies. 
We trace a great love for parody in the middle ages, which fpared not 
even things the molt facred, and the examples brought forward in the 
celebrated trial of Williarn Hone, were mild in comparifon to fome which 
are found fcattered here and there in mediaeval manufcripts. In my 
Poems, attributed to Walter Mapes,I I have printed a fatire in profe 
entitled "]lIIagg'-[fer Golyas de quodam aZ'bate" (i. e., Matter Golias's account 
of a certain abbot), which has fomewhat the character of a parody upon a 
faint's legend. The voluptuous life of the fuperior of a monaitic houfe is 
here defcribed in a tone of banter which nothing could excel. Several 
parodies, more direct in their character, are printed in the two volumes of 
the " Reliquae Antiquz-e."5 One of thefe (vol. ii. p. 208) is a complete 
parody on the fervice of the mafs, which is entitled in the original, 
" MZJZL de Potato-ril-us," the Mafs of the Drunkard. In this extraordinary 
coxnpofltion, even the pater-noiler is parodied. A portion of this, with 
great variations, is found in the German collection of the Carmina 
Burana, under the title of Ojicimn Lufirum, the Office of the Gamblers. 
" " Carmina Burana. Lateinische und Deutsche Lieder und Gedichte einer 
Handschritt des XIII. jahrhunderts aus Benedictbeurn auf der K. Bibliothek zu 
Miinchcn." 8v0. Stuttgart, 1847. 
1" " Early Mysteries and other Latin Poems of the Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Centuries," edited by Thomas Wright, Esq. 8vo. London, 1838, 
I Introduction, p- xl. 
Q " Reliquiae Antiquaa. Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illustrating chiefly 
Early English Literature and the English Language." Edited by Thomas 
Wright, Esq., and  O. Halliwell, Esq. 9- vols. Xvo. Vol. i., London, 184.1; 
vol. ii., 1843.


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