Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
the monks to omit it in the catalogue of their library, no doubt as a book 
the poffeflion of which was not to be proclaimed publicly. YVhen written, 
it was evidently intended to be a careful felection of the poetry of this clais 
then current. One part of it coniilts of poetry of a more ferious character, 
fuch as hymns, moral poems, and efpecially fatirical pieces. In this clafs 
there are more than one piece which are alfo found in the manufcripts 
written in England. A very large portion of the collection confifls of love 
fongs, which, althougn evidently treafured by the Benedictine monks, are 
fornetimes licentious in character. A third clafs coniiits of drinking and 
gambling tongs (potatoria et lzgfbria). The general character of this poetry 
is more playful, more ingenious and intricate in its metrical Ptructure, in 
ma, more lyric than that of the poetry we have been defcribing; yet it 
came, in all probability, from the fame clafs of poets-the clerical jougleurs. 
The touches of fentiment, the defcriptions offemale beauty, the admiration 
of nature, are fometimes expreffed with remarkable grace. Thus, the 
green wood fweetly enlivened by the joyous voices of its feathered inhabi- 
tants, the {hade of its branches, the thorns covered with flowers. which, 
fays the poet, are emblematical of love, which pricks like a thorn and then 
foothes like a flower, are taiiefully defcribed in the following lines:- 
Cantu nemu: avian: 
Lafcivia canenrium 
Suave delinitur, 
Fronds redimilur,  
Veneremfgnan rib 1.: 
Qrfia fbina pur1git,j1o: Handitur. 
And the following fcrap of the defcription of a beautiful damfel {hows no 
[mall command of language and verf1f1cati0n-- 
Allicit dulcibus 
Verbis er ofculix, 
Cajiigate tumentibus, 
Rofeo nefiareus 
Odor iqfufu: ari ; 
Pariter eburneus 
Sadat ordo dentium 
Par niveo candari. 


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