Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature and 
on the reverfe of the coin-its roundneik, and its whitenefs, all pleafe the 
Romans ; where money {peaks law is Hlent. 
Nummis in lmc curia nan {H qui mm want ; 
Crux placer, ranmdirax, er albedo placer, 
Er gum totum placeat, et Ramani: platet, 
Ubi nummu: loguitur, et lex omnis taret. 
Perhaps one of the molt curious of thefe poems is the "Confeliion of 
Golias," in which the poet is made to fatirife himfelf, and he thus gives 
us a curious picture of the goliard's life. He complains that he is made 
of light material, which is moved by every wind; that he wanders about 
irregularly, like the {hip on the fea or the bird in the air, feeking worth- 
lefs companions like himfelf. He is a {lave to the charms of the fair fex. 
He is a martyr to gambling, which often turns him out naked to the cold, 
but he is warmed inwardly by the infpiration of his mind, and he writes 
better poetry than ever. Lechery and gambling are two of his vices, and 
the third is drinking. " The tavern," he fays, "I never defpifed, nor 
ihall I ever defpife it, until I fee the holy angels coming to ling the 
eternal requiem over my corpfe. It is my defign to die in the tavern; let 
wine be placed to my mouth when I am expiring, that when the choirs 
of angels come, they may fay, ' Be God propitious to this drinkerl' The 
lamp of the foul is lighted with cups; the heart tteeped in nectar Hies up 
to heaven; and the wine in the tavern has for me a better flavour than 
that which the bi{hop's butler mixes with water.    . Nature gives to 
every one his peculiar gift : I never could write falting; a boy could beat 
me in competition when I am hungry; I hate thirlt and falling as much 
as death." 
Txrzio rapirulo memoro tabermzm : 
Illam nullo temporefprwi, nequefpzrnam, 
D0112: janflas angrlos -venientes cernam, 
Cunranres pro morruo requiem rem-mm. 
Meum {ff prapafitum in taberna mpri; 
Wrldumfr appryitum marientis ari, 
Ur dicant cum -venermt angdorum clmri, 
' Dsuxfil propirius lzuic patatori! ' 



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