Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
thus carried from one land to another, receiving iometimes alterations or 
additions to adapt it to each. Several of thefe poems are found in 
manufcripts written in different countries with fuch alterations and 
additions, as, for inftance, that in the well-known"ConfeHion," in the 
Englifh copies of which we have, near the conclufion, the line- 
Prwful Co-venrreqfium, parce zorgitenti ; 
an appeal to the biihop of Coventry, which is changed, in 
German manufcript, to 
Elefle Colaniw, farce paenitemi, 
copy in 
" O eleet of Cologne, fpare me penitent." From a comparifon of what 
remains of this poetry in manufcripts written in dilferent countries, it 
appears probable that the names Golias and goliard originated in the 
univerfityof Paris, but were more efpecially popular in England, while the 
term archipoeta was more commonly ufed in Germany. 
In 184.1 I colleeled all the goliardic poetry which I could then find 
in Engliih rnanufcripts, and edited it, under the name of Walter Mapes, 
as one of the -publications of the Camden Society." At a rather later 
date I gave a chapter of additional matter of the fame defcription in my 
"Anecdota Literaria."T All the poems I have printed in thefe two 
volumes are found in manufcripts written in England, and fome of them 
are certainly the competitions of Engliih Writers. They are dillinguillied 
by remarkable facility and eafe in verlification and rhyme, and by great 
pungency of fatire. The latter is directed efpecially againil the clerical 
order, and none are fpared, from the pope at the fummit of the fcale 
down to the lowefl; of the clergy. In the "Apocalypfis Goliae," or Golias's 
Revelations, which appears to have been the molt popular of all thefe 
4" The Latin Poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes, collected and edited 
by Thomas Wright, Esq., 4-to., London, 184.1. 
-I- " Anecdota Literaria ; a Collection of Short Poems in English, Latin, and 
French, illustrative of the Literature and History of England in the Thirteenth 
Century." Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq. 3vo., London, 1844..


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