Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

cf Caricature 
and Grotefque 
"Specimens of Ancient Sculpture," reprefents a man drinking from a 
horn, and evidently enjoying his employment, but his cofturne is not 
fufliciently character-iflic to betray his quality. 
The fubject of grotefqne faces and heads naturally leads us to that of 
monflrous and grotefque bodies and groups of bodies, which has already 
been partly treated in a former chapter, where we have noticed the 
great love fhown in the middle ages for monftrous animated figures, 
not only monflzers of one nature, but, and that efpecially, of figures 
formed by joining together the parts of different, and entirely difiimilar, 
A Strange Mozzier. 
animals, of fimilar mixtures between animals and men. This, as {tated 
above, was often eH'e6ted-by joining the body of fome nonclefcript animal 
to a human head and face; fo that, by the difproportionate Iize of the 
latter, the body, as a fecondary part of the pidure, became only an adjunct 
to fet off [till further the grotetque character of the human face. More 
importance was fometimes given to the body combined with fantaltic 
forms, which baflle any attempt at giving an intelligible defcription. 
The accompanying cut, N0. 104, reprefents a winged monher of this 


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