Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
are characteriitically executed; and the lolling tongue may perhaps be 
intended to intimate that, in the lives of the clergy, luxury went hand in 
with its kindred vice. The fecond of our examples, No. I00, appears by 
its different characteriftics (forne of which we have been unable to 
introduce in our woodcut) to be intended to reprefent luxury itfelf. 
Sometimes qualities of the individual man, or W x ; 
even the clais of fociety, are reprefented in  Qwe- 
a manner far leis difguifed by allegorical    
clothing, and therefore much more plainly to E  lg  
the underitanding of the vulgar. Thus in an - - ll, Y  
illuminated manufcript of the fourteenth cen-   
tury, in the Britiih Mufeutn (MS. Arundel, -1- u l  
N0. 9t), gluttony is reprefented by a monk N"' '0"   
devouring a pie alone and in fecret, except that a little cloven-footed imp 
holds up the difh, and feems to enjoy the profpect of monaliic indulgence. 
This picture is copied in our cut No. 101. Another manufcript of the 
fame date (MS. Sloane, No. 2435) contains a fcene, copied in our cut 
1' X7  
fl, I X 
-1 w   x" 
1 X 
_ N .  A 
'll: M 
X  ,rX 1 
1; KY 
No. :92. Tlze Mvnafir Cellarer. 
N0. 102, reprefenting drunkennefs under the form of another monk, who 
has obtained the keys and found his Way into the cellar of his monafiery, 
and is there indulging his love for good ale in firnilar fecrecy. It is to be 
remarked that here, again, the vices are laid to the charge of the clergy. 
Our cut N0. 103, from a baf-relief in Ely Cathedral, given in Carter's 
" Specimens


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