Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricalure 
exhibit the features of the face to difadvantage, and was not overlooked 
by the defigners of the rnediaeval decorative fculpture. One of the large 
colledion of calls of fculptures from French cathedrals exhibited in the 
mufeum at South Kenfington, has fin-nifhed the two fubjenits given in our 
cut N0. 95. The flrfc is reprefented as blowing a horn, but he is 
producing the greateit pollible diiiortion in his features, and efpecially in 
his mouth, by drawing the horn forcibly on one fide with his left hand, 
while he pulls his beard in the other direction with the right hand. The 
force with which he is fuppofed to be blowing is perhaps reprefented by 
the form given to his eyes. The face of the lower figure is in at leall 
comparative repofe. The defign of reprefenting general diltortion in the 
iirfi is further {hown by the ridiculouily unnatural pofition of the arms. 
Such difizortion of the members was not unfrequently introduced to 
heighten the, enact of the grimace in the face; and, as in thefe 
examples, it was not uncommon to introduce as a further element of 
grotefque, the bodies, or parts of the bodies, of animals, or even of 


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