Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Qf Caricature 
the crimes {he has committed, which the magnitude of the parchment 
[hows to be a rather copious one. Another demon (whofe head has 
been broken off in the original) carries on his back, in a very irreverent 
manner, the unfortunate lady, in order to throw her into hell- 
Inouth, on the other tide of the picture. She is naked with the 
exception of the fathionable head-gear, which formed one of her vanities 
in the world, and the carries with her the falfe meafure with which {he 
cheated her cuitorners. A demon bagpiper welcomes her on her arrival. 
The fcene is full of wit and humour. 
The ruftic claH'es, and infrances of their rufiicity, are not unfrequently 
met with in thefe interefting carvings. "The Halls of Corbeil prefent 
ieveral agricultural fcenes. Our cut No. 92 is taken from thofe of 
Glouceiier cathedral, of an earlier date, and reprefents the three 
fhepherds, aiioniihed at the appearance of the {tar which announced the 
birth of the Saviour of mankind. Like the three kings, the {hepherds 
to Whom this revelation was made were always in the middle ages 
reprefented as three in number. In our drawing from the miferere in 
Gloucelter cathedral, the coftume of the fhepherds IS remarkably well 


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