Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
and fatire, and is not unfrequently reprefented on the piftorial 
monuments of our forefathers. Our cut No. 89 is taken from one of the 
mifereres in the church of We11ingborougl1,in Northamptonihire ; the 
ale-wife is pouring her liquor from her jug K__x 
into a cup to ferve a ruftic, who appears ,  69?: 
to be waiting for it with impatience.  x 
The figure of the ale-drawer, N 0. 90, is in  At -AM -I 
taken from one of the mifereres in the  
parifh church of Ludlow, in Shropfhire. V TIT 
The fize of his jug is fomewhat difpropor- 3 3 .-X '7 L4  
tionate to that of the barrel from which M ' V,   
he obtains the ale. The fame mifereres W K"   it 
of Ludlow Church furnifh the next fcene, Ti  
cut N0. 91, which reprefents the end of  is   ) 
the wicked ale-wife. The day of judgment  
   9o_ Tlze Ale-Drawer. 
15 fuppcfed to have arrived, and {he has 
received her fentence. A demon, feated on one fide, is reading a lift of 


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