Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

I 38 Hz'jZ0ry of Caricature and Grotwue 
gamblers and loofe women were always on the watch there to lead more 
honeit people into ruin, and the tavern-keeper proflted largely by their 
gains; and the more vulgar minilzrel and "jogelour " found employment 
there ; for the middle clalfes of fociety, and even their betters, frequented 
the tavern much more generally than at the prefent day. I n the carved 
Halls of the church of Corbeil, the liquor merchant is reprefented by the 
figure of a man wheeling a hogfhead in a barrow, as {hown in our cut 
No. 88. The gravenefis and air of importance with which he regards it 
would lead us to fuppofe that the barrel contains wine ; and the cup and 
jug on the thelf above {how that it was to be fold retail. The wine- 
fellers called out their wines from their doors, and -boaited of their 
qualities, in order to tempt people in ; and John de Garlande affures us 
that when they entered, they were ferved with wine which was not 
Worth drinking. " The criers of wine," he fays, "proclaim with 
extended throat the diluted wine they have in their taverns, olfering 
it at four pennies, at fix, at eight, and at twelve, freih poured out 
from the gallon cafk into the cup, to tempt people." ("Volume of 
Vocabularies," p. 126.) The ale-wife was an efpecial fubjeel of jett 


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