Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
experienced in the hands of the baker as ariling out of the charity of the 
latter towards the poor and needy, to whom they gave the meal and 
patte before it had even been put into the oven. The celebrated Englifh 
poet, John Lydgate, in a fhort poem preferved in a manufcript in the 
Harleian Library in the Britiih Mufeurn (MS. Harl. N0. 2,255, 
fol. 157, vo), defcribes the pillory, which he calls their Baltile, as 
the proper heritage of the miller and the baker:- 
Put out his lied,  Mat for to dare, 
But lyl: 11 man upon tlmt tour to abyde, 
For caf qfeggys 'wil not mmysfpare, 
 he be qual{yd body, lmk, and_[yde. 
Hi: heed endoaryd, and qf-verra_y pryde 
Put out lzis  abroad lzisfhce 5 
T lze fenwrallys be madefar kjm fa -wyde, 
Claymyzlz to been a capteyn qftbat place. 
The bajiyle lzmgitlz qf 'v.err4_y dew: ryglzt 
To  bakezys, it is trwwe heqymge 
-Se-ueralle to tlzem, this lam-werlz awry w_ygl.I, 
Be kynde qfygnedfbr tl1cr_]1'ttyngl9age; 
Wlzeer they  nut tier -wfagr, 
Wlzan tlzqy tak eon]: tlzeir pzfejioun, 
0-wtlzir in youtke ar in nzyddyl age; 
114211 dam lmm wrung yffthqy take bym do-wrz. 
Let mailer]: and bakery: gadre hem a gilde, 
And Aalle qf ajimt make a fraternite', 
Undir tlze pillar] a lstil cbapelle bylde, 
The plate amortqyfe, and purcbafe Iyberti, 
For all: tho: tllat qf tber noumbre be; 
What e-vir it coo]? afiir tlzat they 'zuz'ndr, 
Tlzqy may claymz, be  au6?orite', 
Upon tlmt baffle to make an ende. 
The wine-dealer and the publican formed another clafs in mediaeval  
fociety who lived by fraud and dilhoneiiy, and were the objecfts of fatire. 
The latter gave both bad wine and bad meafure, and he often alfo a6ted 
as a pawnbroker, and when people had drunk more than they could pay  
for; he would take their clothes as pledges for their money. The tavern, 
in the middle ages, was the refort of very mifcellaneous company;  
T gamblers


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