Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

1 34. Hijlory of Caricature and Grotqfque 
meal, and the baker thruliing it into the oven, and drawing it out 1n the 
lhape of loaves. Our cut No. 86, taken from one of thefe fculptures, 
reprefents the baker either putting in or taking out the bread with his 
Q i 
W1  giymall-I; 
 W r X  no 
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:11  wwu II  
1 AF All" "N"   I 
1 WP?  V   '1 I  
J   r W   I 
  J  1  _JJ' 
14   I  M  W11  I 
I17 l-- T' 1 
No, 86. 41;; qf the Fjfhentlz ;ntur_y. 
peel; by the earneit manner in which he looks at it, we may fuppofe 
that it is the latter, and that he is afcertaining if it be fufhciently baked. 
We have an earlier reprefentation of a mediaeval oven in our cut N0. 87, 
X, taken from the celebrated illu- 
 minated manufcript of the "Ro- 
fiffb Q, mance of Alexandre," in the 
 "R?  'b f d 
   BO(.ll6l3[1 L1 rary at Ox or , 
 X, U which aopears to belong to an 
1   in  early period of the fourteenth 
kl  kw '64 A century. Here the baker is evi- 
  dently going to take a loaf out 
,m of the oven, for his companion 
'  holds a difh for the purpofe of 
IVO. 87. A Media-val Baker. receiving it 
In nothing was fraud and adulteration practifed to fo great an extent 


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