Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

inltrument. Another Rory of witchcraft is told in the fculpture of a 
{tone panel at the entrance of the cathedral of Lyons, which is repre- 
fented in our cut No. 85. One power, fuppofed to be po{I'eH'ed by 
witches, was that of transforming people to animals at will. William of 
Malmefbury, in his Chronicle, tells a [lory of two witches in the 
neighbourhood of Rome, who ufed to allure travellers into their cottage, 
and there transform them into horfes, pigs, or other animals, which they 
fold, and feaftecl themfelves with the money. One day a young man, 
who lived by the profefiion of a jougleur, fought a night's lodging at 
their cottage, and was received, but they turned him into an als, and, as 
he retained his underftanding and his power of acting, they gained much 
money by exhibiting him. At length a rich man of the neighbourhood, 
who wanted him for his private amufement, offered the two women a 
large {um for him, which they accepted, but they warned the new 
poffeifor of the afs that he ihould carefully reftrain him from going into 
the water, as that would deprive him of his power of performing. The 
man who had purchafed the afs aeled upon this advice, and carefully kept 
him from water, but one day, through the negligence of his keeper, the 


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