Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
chemife, as in the former cafe. The man appears to be holding "the 
{tick in fuch a manner that the {ling in which the {tone was contained 
would twili round it, and the woman would thus be at the mercy of her 
opponent. 'In an ancient rnanufcript on the fcience of defence in the 
library at Gotha, the man in the tub is reprefented as the conqueror 
of his wife, having thus dragged her head-foremollz into the tub, where 
fhe appears with her legs kicking up in the air. 
This was the orthodox mode of combat between man and wife, 
but it was fometimes practifed under more fanguinary forms. In 
one pidure given from thefe old books on the fcience of defence by 
the writer of the paper on the fubjeet in the Archmologia, the two 
combatants, naked down to the waiit, are reprefented fighting with 
{harp knives, and inflicting upon each other's bodies frightful gafhes. 
A feries of {tall carvings at Corbeil, near Paris, of which more will 
be faid a little farther on in this chapter, has furnilhed the curious group 
reprefented in our cut No. 84, which is one of the rather rare pictorial 
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Na. 84.. Tile Witch and rlle Damon. 
allrfions to the fubjed of witchcraft. It reprefents a woman who mull, 
by her occupation, be a witch, for {he has 125 far got the mafiery of the 
demon that {he is fawmg off his head with a very uncomfortable looking 


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