Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0j' Caricature 
is a literal tranflation of the dire5tions given in the manufcript, and 
our cut No. 83 is a copy of the drawing which illufh-ates it  
" The woman muft be fo prepared, that a {leeve of her chemife extend 
a fmall ell beyond her hand, like a little fack; there indeed is put 
a [tone weighing three pounds; and {he has nothing elfe but her 
A Legal Combat. 
chemife, and that is bound together between the legs with :1 lace. 
Then the man makes himfelf ready in the pit over againft his wife. 
He is buried therein up to the girdle, and one hand is bound at 
the elbow to the tide." At this time the practice of fuch combats in 
Germany feems to have been long known, for it is Rated that in the 
year moo a man and his wife fought under the fanetion of the civic 
authorities at Bile, in Switzerland. In a pifture of a combat between 
man and wife, from a manufcript refembling that of Paulus Kali, 
but executed nearly a century later, the man is placed in a tub iniiead 
of a pit, with his left arm tied to his tide as before, and his right holding 
a {hort heavy Half; while the woman is dreffed, and not {tripped to the 



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