Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
putting on the breeches, of which {he has juft become poH'eH'ed, {hows 
an inclination to lord it rather tyrannically over her other half, whom {he 
has condemned to perform the domefiic drudgery of the manfion. 
The Breeclzes PVZII. 
In Germany, where there was {till more 1-oughncfs in rnediaeval life, 
what was told in England and France as a good Rory of domeftic doings, 
was actually carried into practice under the authority of the laws. The 
judicial duel was there adopted by the legal authorities as a mode of 
fettling the diH'erences between hufband and wife. Curious particulars on 
this fubjeet are given in an intereiting paper entitled " Some obfervations 
on Judicial Duels as praetifed in Germany," publillied in the twenty- 
ninth volume of the Archaeologia of the Society of Antiquaries (p. 34.8). 
Thefe obfervations are chiefiy taken from a volume of directions, accom- 
panied with drawings, for the various modes of attack and defence, 
compiled by Paulus Kall, a celebrated teacher of defence at the court of 
Bavaria about the year I400. Among thefe drawings we have one 
reprefenting the mode of combat between huiband and wife. The only 
weapon allowed the female, but that a very formidable one, was, 
according to thefe directions, a heavy {tone wrapped up in an elongation 
of her chemife, while her opponent had only a {hort Raff, and he was 
placed up to the waitt in a pit formed in the ground. The following 


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