Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
from a vigorous pufh, {he fell back into a large bafket which lay behind 
her. Sire Hains Itood over her exultingly, and Symon, as umpire, 
pronounced him victorious. He thereupon took poifefiion of the difputed 
article of rairnent, and again invefced himfelf with it, while the lady 
accepted faithfully the conditions impofed upon her, and we are affured 
by the poet that {he was a good and obedient wife during the ref: of her 
life. In this ftory, which affords a curious picture of mediaeval life, we 
learn the origin of the proverb relating to the polfeliion and wearing of 
the breeches. Hugues Piancelles concludes his fabliau by recommending 
every man who has a difobedient wife to treat her in the fame manner; 
and mediaeval hufbands appear to have followed his advice, without fear 
of laws againft the ill-treatment of women. 
A fubject like this was well fitted for the burlefques on the italls, and 
accordingly we find on one of thofe in the cathedral at Rouen, the group 
given in our cut No. 81, which feems to reprefent the part of the ttory 
W K ,  
 gag  ( 
  1 ) 
 P 91-   
No. 81. T112 Figlnforrke Breerhx. 
in which both combatants feize_ hold of the difputed garment, and 
(truggle for poffeilion of it. The hufband here grafps a knife in his 
hand, with which he feerns to be threatening to cut it to pieces rather 
than give it up. The faltliau gives the vi6tor_v to the hufband, but the 
wife was generally confidered as in a majority of cafes carrying off the 
prize. In an extremely rare engraving by the Flemilh artill Van Mecken, 
dated 111 I480, of which I give a copy in our cut No. 82, the lady, while 


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