Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
was thus in danger of being deprived, and began a fcruggle for poifefiion, 
in which the faid article underwent confiderable dilapidation, and 
fragments of it were fcattered over the court. In the midflz of this 
itruggle the actual fight recomrnenced, by the hufband giving his wife fo 
heavy a blow on the teeth that her mouth was filled with blood. The 
effect was fuch that Sire Hains already reckoned on the vietory, and 
proclaimed himfelf lord of the breeches. 
Hains fertfa fhme enmi lax dens 
Tel rap, gue la bouche dedenz 
Li a taut: emplie defanrz. 
4' Tier: ore," dzyi Sire Hains, " ant, 
72 cuir qua je t'a1' bien azainte, 
Or t"ai-je de deux color: tainte- 
j"aurai ls: braie: mum -uoies." 
But the immediate effect on Dame Anieufe was only to render her more 
defperate. She quitted her hold on the difputed garment, and fell upon 
her huiband with fuch a lhower of blows that he hardly knew which Way 
to turn. She was thus, however, unconfcioufly exhaufting herfelf, and 
Sire Hains foon recovered. The battle now became fiercer than ever, and 
the lady feemed to be gaining the upper hand, when Sire Hains gave her 
a ikilful blow in the ribs, which nearly broke one of them, and conf1der- 
ably checked her ardour. Friend Symon here interpofed, with the praiie- 
worthy aim of reftoring peace before further harm might be done, but in 
vain, for the lady was only rendered more obfrinate by her mifhap; and he 
agreed that it was ufelefs to interfere until one had got a more decided  
advantage over the other. The fight therefore went on, the two com- 
batants having now feized each other by the hair of the head, a mode of 
combat in which the advantages were rather on the fide of the male. 
At this moment, one of the judges, Dame Aupais, fympathiling too much 
with Dame Anieufe, ventured fome words of encouragement, which 
drew upon her a fevere rebuke from her colleague, Symon, who intimated 
that if the interfered again there might be two pairs of combatants 
inftead of one. Meanwhile Dame Anieufe was becoming exhaufted, and 
 was evidently getting the worlt of the contelt, until at length, {tagger-ing 



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