Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

wrangling, efpecially on the part of the lady, Sire Hains propofes to 
decide their difference in a novel manner. " Early in the morning," he 
faid, " I will take of my breeches and lay them down in the middle of 
the court, and the one who can win them [hall be acknowledged to be 
mailer or miflrefs of the houfe." 
L2 mariner, fans cantredire, 
Vaudrai me: braie: dzfclzaucier, 
Er enmi najire cart muckier; 
El qui conquerre 12: porra, 
Par bane rejbrl muufierra 
SQu'i1 ertjirz ou dame du nqflre. 
Bm-bazan, Fabliaux, tome  p. 383. 
Dame Ameufe accepted the challenge with eagerneis,and each prepared 
for the ttruggle. After due preparation, two neighbours, friend Symon 
and Dame Aupais, having been called in as witneffes, and the object of 
difpute, the breeches, having been placed on the pavement of the court, 
the battle began, with fome {light parody on the formalities of the 
judicial combat. The firft blow was given by the dame, who was fo 
eager for the fray that {he {truck her huiband before he had put himfelf 
on his guard; and the war of tongues, in which at leali Dame Anieufe 
had the belt of it, went on at the fame time as the other battle. Sire 
Hains ventured a [light expottulation on her eagernels for the fray, in 
anfwerito which {he only threw in his teeth a Eerce defiance to do his 
wortt. Provoked at this, Sire Hains [truck at her, and hit her over the 
eyebrows, fo effectively, that the {kin was difcolou ed ; and, over-confident 
in the eH'e6t of this firit blow, he began rather too foon to exult over his 
wife's defeat. But Dame Anieufe was lefs difconcerted than he expected, 
and recovering quickly from the effect of the blow, {he turned upon him 
and [truck him on the fame part of his face with fuch force, that {he 
nearly knocked him over the fheepfold. Dame Anieufe, in her turn, 
now fneered over him, and while he was recovering from his confulion, 
her eyes fell upon the object of contention, and the rufhed to it, and laid 
her hands upon it to carry it away. This movement routed Sire Hains, 
who inllzantly feized another part of the article of his drels of which he


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