Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
an impertinent intruder, is not clear. The quarrel would feem to have 
arifen during the procefs of cooking, as the female, who has feized her 
opponent by the beard, has evidently 
fnatched up the ladle as the readieft  
weapon at hand. The anger appears to   f-x!r"Q 
be mainly on her fide, and the rather  '0 
tame countenance of her antagonift 5' X  
contralis flrangely with her inflamed   ,1" 
features. Our next cut, No. 78, is   
taken from the fculpture of a column   it  
in Ely Cathedral, here copied from an f I.  W, W   
engraving in Carter's "Specimens of   M   
Ancient Sculpture." A man and wife,    
apparently, are Iirugghng for the pof- "1-K54 j 
fellion of a Hall; which is perhaps in-  
tended to be the emblem of rnallery. Na" 77' Dnmdhc birya 
As is generally reprefented to be the cafe in thefe fcenes of domefiic 


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