Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

(yr Caricature 
prepared to ufe it as a weapon, while her opponent is armed with the 
bellows. The ale-pot was not unfrequently the fubjeet of pi6tures of a 
turbulent characfter, and among the grotefque and monftrous figures in 
the margins of the noble manufcript of the fourteenth century, known as 
the " Luttrell Pfalter," one reprefents two perfonages not only quarrelling 
over their pots, which they appear to have emptied, but aetually fighting 
with them. Qne of them has literally broken his pot over his 
companion's head. The fcene is copied in our cut No. 76. 
It mult be Hated, however, that the more common fubjeots of thefe 
homely fcenes are domeftic quarrels, and that the man, or his wife, 
enjoying their firefide, or iimilar bits of domeftic comfort, only make 
their appearance at rare intervals. Domeltic quarrels and combats 
are much more frequent. We have already feen, in the cut No. 75, 
two dames of the kitchen evidently beginning to quarrel over their 
cookery. A {tall in the church of Stratford-upon-Avon gives us the 
group reprefented in our cut N0. 77. The battle has here become 
defperate, but whether the male combatant be an oppreffed hufband or


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