Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

gr C ariczzture 
kitchen well iiored with flitches of bacon, he himfelf occupied in 
attending to the boiling pot, while he warms his feet, for which purpofe 
' he has taken off his ihoes. In a {imilar carving 
t.    in Hereford Cathedral, a man, alfo in the kitchen, 
lkw  k  [I is feen attempting to take liberties with the 
 A,  l cook maid, who throws a platter at his head. A 
I X   copy of this curious fubject is given 1I1 cut No. 71, 
 and the cut No. 72 is taken from a fimilar mile- 
  -  rere in Minder Church, 1n the Ifle of Thanet. It 
ih i Ti   ilk) reprefents an old lady feated, occupied indufiriouily 
i  F  k in fpinning, and accompanied by her cats. 
6"     We mivht eatily add other exam l 
1.;  b p es of 
M_  An OH Lad), flmilar fubjects from the fame fources, fuch as 
  the fcene in our cut No. 73, taken from one of 
the Italls of Winchefter Cathedral, which feems to be intended to 
reprefent a witch riding away upon her cat, an enormous animal, whole 
jovial look is only outdone by that of 
d7  W  its miftreis. The latter has carried her 
   diftaff with her, and is diligently 
   employed in fpinning. A Ptall in Sher- 
    borne Minitcr, given in our cut No. 74, 
  MXX    3' reprefents a fcene in a fchool, in which 
  I an unfortunate fcholar is experiencing 
ill; ix  punifhment of a rather fevere de1crip_ 
     tion, to the great alarm of his COm- 
  72 fl! i  panions, on Whom his difgrace is evi- 
M   I'll  I] dently acting as a warning. The flog- 
 ging fcene at fchool appears to have 
N0. 7; Th"; hr can been rather afavourite fubjetit among 
the early caricaturifits, for the fcourge 
was looked upon in the middle ages as the grand Itimulant to fcholarihip. 
In thofe good old times, when a man recalled to memory his fchoolboy 
days, he did not fay, " When I was at fchool," but, " When I was under 
the rod." 


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