Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

feventeenth century; and its caricature belongs efpecially 
to the lait century and to the earlier part of the prefent, 
beyond which it is not a part of my plan to carry it. 
Thefe few remarks Will perhaps ferve to explain 
What fome may COI1lldCl' to be defeets in my book; 
and with them I venture to truft it to the indulgence 
of its readers. It is a fubjeit which will have fome 
novelty for the Englifh reader, for I am not aware that 
We have any previous book devoted to it. At all 
events, it 
mere compilation from 
other people's 
In conclufion, I ought, perhaps, to ftate that the 
chapters on the Hiitory of Caricature and Grotefque in 
Art were f1rPc printed in the Art-jfournal during the 
two paft years, but they only form a portion of the 
prefent volume, and they have been confiderably 
modifred and enlarged. 
Sydney Street, Brampton, 
Doc. 1864.


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