Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
printed by Meon (i. 113), is laid at Colchetter; and that of La Male 
Honte, printed in Barbzizan (iii. 204), is laid in Kent. The latter, 
however, was written by a trouvere named Hugues de Carnbrai. N0 
objection appears to have been entertained to the recital of thefe 
licentious ftories before the ladies of the cattle or of the dorneiiic circle, 
and their general popularity was fo great, that the more pious clergy 
feem to have thought neceiTary to find fornething to take their place in 
the poft-prandial fociety of the monailery, and efpecially of the nunnery; 
and religious Itories were Written in the fame form and metre as the 
fabliaux. Some of thefe have been publifhed under the title of" Contes 
Devots," and, from their general dulnefs, it may be doubted if they 
anfwered their purpofe of furnithing arnufement fo well as the others. 


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