Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
mimi, handed down traditionally from mimus to jougleur, how far they 
are native in our race, or how far they were derived at a later date from 
other fources. And in confidering this queftion, we mutt not forget that 
the mediaeval jougleurs were not the only reprefentatives of the mimi, 
for among the Arabs of the Eatt alfo there had originated from them, 
modified under different circumttances, a very important clafis of minflrels 
and Rory-tellers, and with thefe the jougleurs of the weft were brought 
into communication at the commencement of the crufades. There can 
be no doubt that a very large number of the ftories of the jougleurs 
were borrowed from the Eaft, for the_evidence is furnifhed by the Itories 
themfelves; and there can be little doubt alfo that the jougleurs 
improved themfelves, and underwent fome modification, by their inter- 
courfe with Eattern performers of the fame clafs.  
On the other hand, We have traces of the exiftence of thefe popular 
Rories before the jougleurs can have had communication with the Eall. 
Thus, as already mentioned, we find, compofed in Germany, apparently 
in the tenth century, in rhythmical Latin, the well-known ftory of the 
wife of a merchant who bore a child during the long abfence of her 
hufband, and who excufed herfelf by Rating that her pregnancy had been 
the refult of fwallowing a Hake of fnow in a fnow-liorm. This, and 
another of the fame kind, were evidently intended to be (ung. Another 
poem in popular Latin verfe, which Grimm and Schmeller, who edited 
it," believe may be of the eleventh century, relates a very amufing 
ilory of an adventurer named Unibos, who, continually caught in 
his own fnares, finiihes by getting the better of all his enemies, and 
becoming rich, by mere ingenious cunning and good fortune. This fcory 
is not met with among thofe of the jougleurs, as far as they are yet 
known, but, curioufly enough, Lover found it exilling orally among the 
Iriih peafantry, and inferted the Irifh Ilory among his "Legends of 
Ireland." It is a curious illufiration of the pertinacity with which the 
popular ttories defcend along with peoples through generations from the 
1 In a volume 
Giittingen, 1838. 
" Latcinisclle 


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