Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
introduced to perfonify the evil-doers of the time. Such is the figure 
(cut No. 70) which we take from a very interefiing manufcript in the 
Britifh Mufenm (MS. Cotton. Nero, C  The demon is here dreifed 
in the fafhionable gown with its long fleeves, of which one appears to have 
been ufually much longer than the other. Both the gown and ileeve are 
{hortened by means of knots, while the former is brought clofe round 
xl Z six 
xx , 
To lb r Q XL? HIV 
the waif: by tight lacing. It is a pi6ture of the 
time of their firff introdudiion. 
ufe of Rays made at the 
This fuperfluity of length in the different parts of the drefs was a 
fubjeei of complaint and fatire at varlous and very diffant periods, and 
contemporary illuminations of a perfeeily ferious charafter {how that 
thefe complaints were not without foundation.


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