Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
a helmet in his hand to {how the meaning of the fatire, his own helmet, 
which he wears on his head, is {imply a bellows. He may be a knight 
of the kitchen, or perhaps a mere qujfiron, or kitchen lad. 
We have juft feen a caricature of one of the ]adies' head-dreifes of the 
earlier half of the fifteenth century, and our cut N 0. 69, from an illuminated 
manufcript in the Britilh Mufeum of the latter half of 
the fame century (MS. Harl., No. 4-3 79), fllfflifhes "jg; 
us with a caricature of a head-dreis of a different   
character, which came into faihion in the reign of our   
Edward IV. The horned head-drek of the previous  A 
generation had been entirely laid afide, and the flip  
ladies adopted in its place a fort of lteeple-fhaped   W, 
head-drefs, or rather of the form of a fpire, made by    N 4:! 
rolling a piece of linen into the form of a long cone. K  ill 
Over this lofty cap was thrown a piece of fine lawn or QB  
muflin, which defcended almoft to the ground, and  
formed, as it were, two Wings. A ihort tranfparent    Sim 
veil was thrown over the face, and reached not quite i 
to the chin, refembling rather clofely the veils in ufe I I , 
among our ladies of the prefent day (1864). The   we -e; 
whole head-drefs, indeed, has been preferved by the l 
 No. 69. A Lady's 
Norman peafantry ; for 1t may be obferved that,  
during the feudal ages, the fafhions in France and 
England were always identical. Thefe fteeple head-dreH'es greatly pro- 
voked the indignation of the clergy, and zealous preachers attacked them 
roughly in their fermons. A French monk, named Thomas Conecte, 
ditlinguifhed himfelf efpecially in this crufade, and inveighed againit 
the head-dreis with fuch effect, that we are affured that many of the 
women threw down their head-dreffes in the middle of the fermon, and 
made a bonfire of them at its conclufion. The zeal of the preacher foon 
extended itfelf to the populace, and, for a while, when ladies appeared in 
this head-drels in public, they were expofed to be pelted by the rabble. 
Under fuch a double perfecution it difappeared for a moment, but when 
the preacher was no longer prefent, it returned again, and, to ufe the 


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