Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

I I 02 Hgyiary 
cf Caricature and 
extravagance in the beginning of the reign of Henry VI. It is the fiyle 
of coiffnre known efpecially as the horned head-drefs, and the very name 
carries with it a fort of relationfhip to an individual who was notorioufly 
horned-the fpirit of evil. This dalhing dame of the olden time appears 
to have {truck terror into two unfortunates who have fallen within her 
influence, one of Whom, as though he 
X9_4-_iw took her for a new Gorgon, is attempt- 
N mg to cover hlmfelf with hlS buckler, 
k while the other, apprehending danger of 
another kind, is prepared to defend him- 
 1, , felf with his fword. The details of the 
    head-drefs in this figure are interefting 
'  - for the hiitory of coitume. 
my J.  Our next cut, N0. 68, is taken from 
'  Q  a rnanufcript in private poifefiion, which 
' is now rather well known among anti- 
Q 4-, quaries by the name of the "Luttrell 
V Pfalter," and which belongs to the four- 
teenth century. It feems to involve a 
M,_ 63_ A Mm,  fatire on the ariitocratic order of fociety 
-on the knight who was diftinguifhed 
by his helmet, his fhield, and his armour. The individual here repre- 
fented prefents a type which is anything but ariftocratic. While he holds 
a helmet


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