Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
middle ages. Our mediaeval forefathers appear to have had a decided 
talie for monfirofities of every defcription, and efpecially for mixtures of 
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2171;, 64., A Tar-rib]: Combat, 
dilterent kinds of animals, and of animals and men. There is no doubt, 
to judge by the anecdotes recorded by fuch writers as Giraldus 
Cambrenfis, that a belief in the exifcence of fuch N 
unnatural creatures was widely entertained. In his 
account of Ireland, this Writer tells us of animals 
which were half ox and half man, half {tag and Z   
half cow, and half dog and half monkey." It is 
certain that there was a general belief in fuch Snail" 
animals, and nobody could be more credulous than  
Giraldus himfelf.  ,4, 
The defign to caricature, which is tolerably evident  
in the fubjects juit given, is {till more apparent in   
other grotefques that adorn the borders of the K 
mediaeval manufcripts, as well as in fome of the  "  
mediaeval carvings and fculpture. Thus, in our cut N1 55-  
No. 65, taken from one of the borders in the Romance of the Comte 
" See Girald. Cambr., Topog. I-Iibcrniw, dist. ii. cc. 21, 22; and the Itinerary 
of Wales, lib. ii. c. II.


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