Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hijlory qf Caricature 
He goes on to inform us, as a proof of the extraordinary inftinct of this 
animal, that it has more affection for fome of its cubs than for others, 
and that, when running away, it carried thofe which it liked before it, 
and thofe it diiliked behind its back. The fketch from the illuminated 
manufcript of the Romance of the Comte 
K ' d'Artois, of the fifteenth century, which forms 
Q" "M  3-, our cut No. 61, reprefents the monkey, carry- 
,-J ing, of courfe, its favourite child before it in 
9  P  1; its Bight, and what is more, it is taking that 
" 313 flight mounted on a donkey. A monkey 
1 ii '  on horieback appears not to have been a 
ii novelty, as we {hall fee in the fequel. 
Na 6:. A Mani!) Alexander Neckam, a very celebrated 
Mmlmh Englifh fcholar of the latter part of the 
twelfth century, and one of the moft intereiting of the early mediaeval 
Writers on natural hiltory, gives us many anecdotes, which {how us 
how much attached our mediaeval forefathers were to domefticated 
animals, and how common a practice it was to keep them in 
their houfes. The baronial cattle appears often to have prefented the 
appearance of a menagerie of animals, among which fome were of that 
{trong and ferocious character that rendered it necetfary to keep them in 
clofe confinement, while others, fuch as monkeys, roamed about the 
buildings at will. One of Neckatrfs {tories is very curious in regard to 
our fubject, for it {hows that the people in thofe days exercifed their 
tamed animals in practically caricaturing contemporary weakneffes and 
falhions. This writer remarks that " the nature of the ape is fo ready at 
acting, by ridiculous geiticulations, the reprefentations of things it has 
feen, and thus gratifying the vain curiolity of Worldly men in public 
exhibitions, that it will even dare to imitate a military conflict. A 
jougleur (hjfirio) was in the habit of conttantly taking two monkeys to 
the military exercifes which are commonly called tournaments, that the 
labour of teaching might be diminifhed by frequent infpection. He 
afterwards taught two dogs to carry thefe apes, who fat on their backs, 
furnithed with proper arms. Nor did they want fpurs, with which they 


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