Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Irlijiary qf Caricature and 
caricature or burlefque familiar to the mediaeval fculptor and illuininator 
which did not from time to time appear on thefe popular flgns. A few 
of the old figns [till preferved, efpecially in the quaint old towns of 
France, Germany, and the Netherlands, {how us how frequently they 
 were made the infrruments of popular fatire. 
 A lign not uncommon in France was La 
l  __N Truie gui file (the fow fpinning). Our cut 
1  No. 59 reprefents this fubject as treated on 
mm ;a_n old llign, a carving it; bat-relief of the 
 -   X teenti century on a oue in the Rue 
1. I  it Ix ,   
it     du Marche-aux-Poirees, in Rouen. The fow 
la  V appears here in the character of the induftrious 
 ff;  houfewife, employing herfelf in fpinning at 
it   the fame time that [he is attending to the 
39   wants of her children. There is :1 fingularly 
 ll 1  fatirical [ign at Beauvais, on a houfe which 
 "sit" 4, ,lllEI.:. 8    
   bi  was formerlyoccupied byan dpzczer-moutardier, 
      or grocer who made muitard, in the Rue du 
 "  gt-'jJl'" Chatel. In front of this figu, which is repre- 
 ulel  fented in our cut No. 60, appears a large 
1 g muftard-mill, on one fide of which Hands 
 N_ Folly with a Raff in here hand, with wl' h 
N" 60'  {he is itirring the muitard, while an rihce, 
with a fort of fardonic grin, throws in a feafoning, which may be 
conjectured by his pofturefi The trade-mark of the individual who 
adopted this Frrange device, is carved below. 
" See an interesting little book on this subject by M. Ed. de Ia Qu6ri6re, 
entitled " Recherches sur les Enseignes des Maisons Particulikres," 8v0., Rouen, 
1852, from which both the above examples are taken.


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