Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
which might almofi give her 
down," although it is a mere 
a place in " The 
burlefque, without 
World turned npf1de 
any apparent fatirical 
Nm 57- 
Slzaeing tlxe Goofs. 
aim. The goofe has here taken the place of the horie at the blackfmith's, 
who is vigorouily nailing the {hoe 011 he-I Webbed f00t- 
Burlefque fubjeets of this defcription are not uncommon, efpecially 
among architeditural fculpture and 
 N  JJXXK wood-carving, and, at a rather 
1.;  'V at  later period, on all ornamental 
    3 objeits. The field for fuch fubjeits 
    VI, was fo extenfive, that the artilt 
( I  4; ,1  v had an almofl unlimited choice, 
X Xi '7  ll  ) and therefore his fub'e6ts mi ht be 
  M J g 
{Ml  -Q  almoft inhnitely varied, though we 
N0. 58. Fwdmwilm ufually find them running on par- 
 ticular claH'es. The old popular 
proverbs, for infcance, furnilhed a fruitful fource for drollery, and are at 
times delineated in an amufmgly literal or pratilical manner. Piitorial 


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