Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

view Ptated above. Thus, the fatirical literature of the 
Reformation and pictorial caricature had their cradle 
in Germany, and, in the earlier half of the iixteenth 
century, carried their influence largely into France and 
England; but from that time any influence of German 
literature on thefe two countries ceafes. Modern 
fatirical literature has its models in France during 
the lixteenth century, and the direct influence of this 
literature in France upon Englifh literature continued 
during that and the fucceeding century, but no further. 
Political caricature rofe to importance in France in the 
Iixteenth century, and was tranfplanted to Holland in 
the feventeenth century, and until the beginning of 
the eighteenth century England owed its caricature, 
indirectly or directly, to the French and the Dutch; 
but after that time a purely Englifh fchool of cari- 
cature Was formed, which Was entirely independent of 
Continental caricaturifts. 
There are two fenfes in which the Word hiftory 
may be taken in regard to literature and art. It has 
been ufually employed to fignify a chronological account 
of authors or artifts and their Works, though this comes 
more properly under the title of biography and biblio- 
graphy. But there is another and a very different 


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