Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
both in French and Englifh, and individual fcenes from it are met with 
in piciiorial reprefentation at a rather early date. During the year 1862, 
in the courfe of accidental excavations on the fite of the Friary, at 
Derby, a number of encauiiic tiles, fuch as were ufed for the floors 
of the interiors of churches and large buildings, were found? The 
ornamentation of thefe tiles, efpecially of the earlier ones, is, like all 
He Table: Turned. 
medimval ornamentations, extremely varied, and even thefe tiles [eme- 
times prefent fubjects of a burlefque and fatirical character, though they 
are more frequently adorned with the arms and badges of benefactors to 
the church or convent. The tiles found on the Iite of the priory at 
Derby are believed to be of the thirteenth century, and one pattern, a 
diminiihed copy of which is given in our cut N0. 54, prefents a fubje6t 
" Mr. Llewellynn Jewitt, in his excellent publication, the Rzliquary, for October, 
1862, has given an interesting paper on the encaustic tiles found on this occasion, 
and on the conventual house to which they belonged.


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